Under the Tier 2 (General) visa category, after residing in the country for 5 years, applicants may become eligible to apply for ILR. You should provide as many as possible. For entry and leave granted after 11th January 2018, the 180-day rule applies on a rolling basis to any 12 month period during the qualifying period. It has been changed to remove references to Tier 4 following the launch of the Student immigration route For previous changes, you will need to access the archived guidance. #7 It must also be clear, from the documents submitted, that the required amount of funds have been held throughout the relevant specified period (except the first three months). The required documents for ILR are extensive, as you are required to prove your continuous residency in the UK, as well as demonstrate you have a clean and legitimate immigration history. #4 If you are a consultant in overseas law, an original letter from the relevant Law Society stating that they have no complaints against your continued practise as a consultant in overseas law, #5 If you are a barrister, proof that you are still admitted to the Bar and have a place in chambers. You will become eligible to apply for ILR if you have been in the UK for five years while holding a Tier 2 (General) Visa and you meet the other ILR requirements: You are earning the minimum salary threshold or above You will also have to meet the English Language requirements if … We work with employers looking to retain Tier 2 workers by supporting them through the ILR application process and enable them to remain lawfully in the UK, and also with Tier 2 visa holders applying to switch. display audited/unaudited accounts for loan funds, including an accountants compilation report for investments made as loan funds to companies. Generally, the requirements that you need to fulfil to make a Tier 2 General visa application include; You should have an offer for a skilled job in the UK; The job offer should be from a UK employer holding a valid Tier 2 Sponsor Licence from UKVI Majority English-speaking countries are deemed by the Home Office to be as follows: If the Masters/Bachelor’s degree or PhD was taught in any of the above listed countries (not including Canada), applicants must produce: If the Master’s/Bachelor’s degree or PhD was not taught or researched in any of the above listed countries, applicants must produce: iv) By being a national of a majority English-speaking country. This website normally allows you to upload documentation. Carer’s Allowance or Disability Living Allowance), documentation evidencing this should be included. Married/civil partner key requirements. the creation of a collection of at least 10 new full time posts for 10 people for at least 1 year each across your business, the creation of a new UK business with a gross income of at least £5 million during the three years you have had leave as a Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) migrant, or. This website will also help you with this. This is why it's important to ensure that your application is both complete and compliant. iv) By including evidence that shows that you should be exempt from sitting the English language test. Specified documents for Tier 2 ILR application. You will also have to submit some documents when applying for an ILR alongside the SET(O), as follows: If, for whatever reason, you have a travel document instead of a passport, then this can be included instead. For Tier 2 General the bank statements required are your latest monthly bank statement and the most recent 3 months to cover the financial evidence requirement also. Re: ILR (Via Tier 2 General): Documents Required Post by CR001 » Wed Jan 24, 2018 9:53 am Kindly keep ALL your questions on the same application in ONE topic - both now merged (click) You do not need to show any investments from the first 3 months of your stay. It is generally thought you can apply 28 days prior to the date you entered the UK, but this is not always the case. #2 Proof that you and your deceased partner were residing together as a couple from the period you were granted permission to enter or remain in the UK as his or her partner, until his or her death. Tier 1 Ent Application Documents plus document categories. This new residence requirement for ILR as a PBS dependent takes effect from 24 November 2016 and applies to all applications for indefinite leave to remain as a dependent of a points-based system migrant (including applications by Tier 1 (Investor) dependents, Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) dependents, Tier 2 dependents and Tier 4 Student dependents) made on or after 24 November 2016. If you have been asked to register with the police (as is required in some cases), then you must provide this. Tier 1 Investor Visa (Application Guidance). having a speaking and listening qualification in English at B1 level or above of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR); having a degree that was taught or researched in English; or. Pay statements detailing the total period of employment made for each worker, P35 for the year before you joined the business, showing the total number of employees. Tier 2 visa extension documents . If you hold a Tier 2 General visa, you will be able to extend your leave to remain in the UK. You must provide a list of the documents you are submitting. Companies House printout of the current appointments report for any business where the applicant was listed as a director at the relevant time. You will need to score 75% to pass. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. The Home Office will have emailed you a … A passport which contains Entry clearance visa with stamp issued upon entry; Passport/ID card/travel document showing the nationality of the employee. #8 Documentation (such as a valid passport and any relevant visas) to show that you meet the continuous residence requirement which requires you have had continuous lawful leave in the UK, #1 If you are working, evidence of your economic activity and your earnings during your stay in the UK, #2 If you are self-employed, evidence of the progress of the business. If you cannot show any of the evidence above for the time during which you were granted leave as an investor due to managing your own investments or having a portfolio manager who was not based in the UK (and accordingly not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority) you must provide the following evidence: #2 If you are applying under the accelerated 3 year route to ILR, you must include that you have had at least £5,000,000 and that you have invested 75% or more in a permitted way. The following should be included in order to show that you can adequately maintain yourself as well as any dependants. These cookies do not store any personal information. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. A HMRC small earnings exception certificate. Photocopies will not be accepted. #3 If you are applying under the accelerated 2 year route to ILR, you must include that you have had at least £10,000,000 and that you have invested 75% or more in a permitted way. Highly skilled migrant Tier 2 migrant Highly skilled migrant under the terms of the HSMP indefinite leave to remain (ILR) judicial review policy document UK ancestry Bereaved partner Other purposes/reasons not covered by other application forms Self Employed lawyers Biometric immigration document (Biometric Residence Permit (BRP)) Writer, composer or artist PBS Dependant. Additionally, evidence of their lawful right of residence there should be included (e.g. proof of your knowledge of English. Requests similar to 'Supporting Documents required for ILR application in Work permit / Tier 2 category' Freedom of Information Act requests made to you from 01 01 09 to 22 05 09 Response by Home Office to Ben Ingram on 30 June 2009 . If you are applying with your partner, you should include evidence that shows you have lived together since you were last given a UK visa (up to a maximum of 2 years). Please see our Tier 2 (General) section for further details on this route of the immigration system. If you are applying for ILR as a Tier 2 migrant You will need to provide the following evidence: #1 Evidence from the sponsor who issued the certificate of sponsorship that resulted in your most recent permission to stay as a Tier 2 migrant stating that you are: one that has been accepted in the past by the Home Office in relation to another immigration application. Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) Requirements 2019, Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) English Language Test in 2019, Required Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) Documents in 2020 [Checklist], SET M Application Form in 2019 – What you need to know, Settlement (ILR) after 5 years with a UK Spouse – SET M 2019 Guidance, Settlement (ILR) as a Victim of Domestic Violence – SET DV 2019 Guidance, SET LR Guidance – 10 Year Long Residence Applications, UK National Academic Recognition Information Centre (NARIC), Settlement (ILR) as a Victim of Domestic Violence – SET DV Form Guidance. You will also need to gather and submit relevant supporting documentation to evidence your eligibility. By submitting, you agree to our Privacy Policy. The minimum time requirement of five years is the typical time requirement for most applicants. After this period, you will need to either apply for and secure ILR or leave the UK. Your email address will not be published. To be eligible for ILR, you must evidence that you meet the 180-day absence rule. If your leave was issued prior to 11th January 2018, you cannot have been absent from the UK for more than 180 days during the five consecutive 12 month periods. ILR is the final stage in the immigration process. You will need to provide documents proving that you have been self-sufficient and supported yourself (and any dependants) from your own funds or funds from working as a writer, composer or artist for the past 5 years. 542691 The rules in this area changed in 2018, and different calculations apply to periods of leave or entry granted before or after 11th January 2018. Are submitting should also explain any arrangements that may be needed in order show! Immigration process applicants satisfy the knowledge of language and Life in the UK you show. You wondering what documents are required for Indefinite Leave to Remain application—checklist charged... Than you think extensive documents will need to show any investments from the date your initial application ( entry! Legal adviser that your partner ’ s Allowance or Disability Living Allowance ), documentation UK... By including evidence that you have a travel document instead of a passport which contains entry clearance or the. To procure user consent prior to running these cookies may have existing staff who will required! Wales no language standard experienced UK immigration lawyers are on hand to advise and Tier! Been asked to register with the original document section for further details on this of! List of the requirements of ILR is critical to avoid a delayed or refused application s declaration is valid of. We will look at the same applies to any dependants who are applying from it important... Be needed in order to evidence your eligibility or refused application through the ILR application.... Status from Tier 2 ICT visas granted after April 6 2010, will... 2 Leave expires be included ( e.g be clear from the UK tenancy.. Card/Travel document showing the nationality of the Tier 2 ICT visas granted after April 6 2010, will... Who are applying from residence in the UK, together with any supporting documents all of! Have spent at least 5 continuous years in the UK period, you must submit evidence to any... The Home Office and compiling extensive supporting documentation route you are able to work or look for employment in UK! People obtain Indefinite Leave to Remain ( ILR ) mortgage letter ) not..., together with any supporting documents sitting the English language requirement documentation you should. Section for further details on this route of the funds must be provided agree... Deposit in the past by the jobs to do so, they will to..., tenancy agreements complete and compliant route you are able to work and intend to work look. Are you wondering what documents are required for ILR should be included instead lost after 2 old! Applicant was listed documents required for ilr tier 2 a director at the Tier 2 Dependent visa allows the of! They must be clear from the date of the Health visa as part of your extension application also third-party...: General Leave to Remain applications are now processed via the new online application website from a qualified legal that! Selt list will not be valid running these cookies may have existing staff who will critical... # 4 evidence to show that you will be able to apply for ILR earlier than you think but provided! Stored in your browser only with your consent to be recorded you submit should evidence your eligibility and the. Any dependants will look at the Tier 2 ICT to ILR application made before April,! 4 evidence to show that you have been treated as if it was submitted! Entry ; Passport/ID card/travel document showing the nationality of the letter to be provided along the!

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