Haha, thank you!! I am glad it helped. The worst offer I received: Buy our overpriced bathing suit and promote it 3 times a month. Gucci's collaboration with The North Face is being mocked on Instagram The new line, plugged by Pixie Geldof, shows models in puffer jacket and heels People ridiculed campaign, saying it … There are so many scams and unethical practices happening on IG and in blogging lately. Without a blog, make it clear in your pitch emails that you would like the product to feature just on Instagram. Thankyou for sharing the much needed knowledge in a world where scams are pretty common. Many new and young influencers are quickly falling for these IG collab scams. Exposely. 4 Business collaboration trends to consider adopting Virtual and augmented reality. I only had about 4,800k IG followers at the time. Is there a service which connect bloggers and business? I completely ignore almost all brand DMs unless they are tailored and asking for my email to further discuss opportunities. And exactly!! I need to look into copyrighting my work. Your email address will not be published. Here is the DM after I asked for info: Hey! I personally think direct pitching is 100% the way to go when you are small. Most are in the 20 to 30-something-year-old female demographic. Instagram is an absolute goldmine for businesses of all shapes and sizes. What a time to be alive – haha. IG needs some serious regulations…. $900 over the course of how long is just not a good deal. You may become an affiliate and earn a commission. An inspiration. Start today setting up a Twitter, Facebook page, and Pinterest business account with the same name as your Instagram profile. Just imagine how many comments these brands write in less than one second on many pages. Not everyone knows what to do with these brand collaboration offers. If a brand ever reaches out asking you to leave these off in order for your post to appear more “authentic”, run the other direction. … March 11, 2020. In fact, 59% of micro-influencers have reported that Instagram is the most effective platform to engage their followers. I really appreciate both the kind comments and positive feedback. Here’s an example: In the travel and booze world, I work with clothing companies, go on sponsored Press Trips, and have created ads for rum–it’s a good life. I definitely think it’s something that all bloggers and microinfluencers need to read ASAP. Holy smokes in a Dorothy and Toto hand basket! Plus, if the brand isn’t paying you, you will need to provide some sort of contract (or ask for one) and see how you can also track those sales to get paid. I learned to study the brand’s social media pages to see the types of pics they love. Working with people outside your company, but have the same goals as you, is truly encouraging. They will ask you how much you charge for a post and will offer you the product for free. + a guide to pitching for free product. Many times, if you just tag those large feature accounts in your posts, if they love your picture, they will share it (as long as you have been following them for a while and engage sincerely). Often times, you can see influencers working with them who have less than 10K followers. Here's how G Suite helps businesses move beyond simply collaborating in “real-time." About Us Head of Instagram. Thank you so much for this detailed post, it really was very informative. I learned this later on when a lot of influencers with similar numbers to me (1,000-3,000) were getting the same products, but doing way less work (aka no blog post, just an Instagram post or two). Introduction Instagram influencer outreach templates introduce your brand and directly get to the point of collaboration. Mind you, many are debating the term ‘influencer’ these days, but that’s another post. In the book world, I have yet to meet a bad deal. My bad! You won’t know. I just started a small business and because I don’t have a strong insta account I am in need of influencers that can promote my products. These brands represent some of the best business accounts across six different industries, and can help you with inspiration for your strategy whether they fall under your industry or not. I am advised, and I agree, to not do so without the previously mentioned professionalism, contract and policies of a business. You don’t want sponsored content to stand out as a blatant advertisement. Can you imagine a boss talking to you like this in an office? Minor because I protect my brand like guarding fish against red wine at dinner. I, personally, never pay to promote someone else’s products and never recommend starting this practice either. Yesssss! Run A Contest Together. I stopped offering to do a blog post in my pitches unless it was worth it to me. Instagrammers, in turn, make money per post or like, per comment, and of course, per sale, a win-win for both the brand and IGer. I declined it politely and made sure they knew why I honestly felt the need to put that out there as I felt so nearly-scammed…. Collaborate is a VERY broad term. By now, most people are accustomed to using video and chat tools at work. Posted on Last updated: October 31, 2020 By: Author Liz. It has really helped, I have recently posting my own skincare/makeup videos on IG as just for fun in lockdown. Note that they estimate very LOW. If you use DMs for outreach, you need to keep them short and concise because you’ll have a 1,000 character limit. We’d like to recommend this collaboration style and many influencers have earned a lot of rewards and two of them has earned more than 900 USD…”. Sigh, Don’t Get Taken Advantage Of With Ugly Instagram Scams, Take The Uncorked 2020 Reading Challenge ». And yes, I completely agree. I directed them to my business policies, which they never read and discussed the meaning of partnership for me. And is it really realistic as a travel blogger? Birchbox also excels at Instagram takeovers (where guests take over posting on their Instagram account) and giveaways, and even combines the two. If you are a smaller influencer, making that money back is slim. A brand recently contacted me and said they wouldn’t pay exactly because of this–they can find even larger accounts who don’t charge. Even for the affiliate marketing that I do on my site and sometimes IG, a company/brand will send me a promo code that completely zeros out the balance from the start. I only use Instagram personally, but I can tell you if someone sent me an unprofessional message I would be blocking them IMMEDIATELY. Almost fell for a brand who asked me to purchase at a discount. There’s a spot for you to pitch why you are a good fit too. Thank you!! Let’s take a look at some new trends that are changing the way companies collaborate. I didn’t know that happens–thank you for letting me know. Ask yourself would a brand be proud of yours? I have a question, is it normal to receive messages from 0 following 0 followers account saying ” hello, I am …. They want your money. Only once did I have to buy the product first, but I had signed an 11-page lawyer-written legal document about payment as well as a 5-page-ish document of expectations from all parties. Plus, some people desperately want to make money from IG and ‘influencing.’, The fashion model comment made me sadly chuckle because a scammy and spammy brand told me that they wouldn’t pay me to collab (even though they aggressively sought me out), but one day, if I sold tons of merch for them, they’d send me to Miami for a professional photoshoot. I just created a new email using Gmail that had my blog name in it so it looks professional. Then, you are dead to me. Thank you! Thanks! how to respond to instagram brand collaboration emails I truly hope this little template/format will be super useful to all the new bloggers out there! I could hardly believe it and was doing a happy dance! Thank you for your consideration.”. I wasn’t sure what to do but did contact them…. Any hint that you have to purchase a watch, a pair of shoes, and sunglasses that you never asked for and don’t want is a NO! Brands flocked to these IGers with newer, faulty tactics. Thank you! All beauty products… I was like, hmmmm, I guess reading does make my eyes tired so maybe I do NEED that eye cream? This happens all the time and it is so aggravating. I don’t care how many followers you have. You usually have to fill in some info, blog URL if you have one, upload a photo (always use the same photo across all social media accounts and your blog), and connect any social channels. Instagram is getting more involved in influencer marketing, an industry it helped create. Those burner accounts drive me nuts! Commission fees are rarely ever worth working with them either, especially if you are paying any amount of money for a product. also I wanted to click some of the links within this post but they weren’t working! This is a very informative article! You will be motivated to try new techniques and use new marketing tools to effectively boost conversion rate. You could always work with smaller influencers first. Let’s work together in a partnership. Maybe trying searching the IGers you want by niche via hashtag. No product is ever worth that kind of hassle. They have no real interest in you. I just read your comment above re too many working for free and that rings true….just not sure that she can demand monetary payment as yet……or do you think she should? Sometimes I break down the work that goes into a post and their product or refer them to my website. I am glad that you found this article helpful! Plus, maybe you want to be a pro-IGer or score some sponsored travel work. So I'm curious about other people's experience with these situations as I imagine it's pretty common. Unfortunately, it’s not a specific person’s email. Thank you!! Lately, I keep getting spammy DMs from these zero followers/following accounts asking me to go to this main page to contact a brand that I have no interest in to become an ambassador (aka a paying customer). I am still small (by choice and time) and get invited to participate with good brands. If a brand is extremely vague to start, I don’t waste my time and just ignore or delete the comment/DM. You can buy access to 7 pitches that landed me collaborations as a new blogger and Instagram influencer. I’ve also googled “brand’s name + media contact” and can usually find a contact page that way. We all deserve to get paid what we are worth and then some. You are not dumb: we’ve ALL been there. You could also buy a customizable one on Etsy. I have yet to respond to any of the DMs complimenting me on how gorgeous my feed is (it’s a hot mess, I know that) and what a good fit I’d be. Read the full disclosure here. To give you a starting point, you need to find a brand’s email to send a pitch. Are they in your niche? A good brand collab is being offered a free pair of noise-canceling headphones or fun bookmarks and receiving a commission on sales or for likes and comments. For one Insta pic alone, products I get range from $50-$150. I definitely prefer large feature accounts that nicely ask me if they can share my photo for free. but usually give up after a little while. The only difference is that I ask about pricing (but I don’t offer my price), because sometimes Igers ask $300, sometimes $2500 for the same service. Originally even IG accounts with just 10K-40K followers had larger influence–but this is slowly changing. Thank you for reading and hopefully laughing (in disgust) with me. Don’t get caught off guard with brand work either. Sometimes you really have to click on a lot of pictures to find out if it’s sponsored! So I'm curious about other people's experience with these situations as I imagine it's pretty common. Thanks so much for letting me know! She has over 50,000 followers on Instagram, is brightening EVERYONE’S feed with her tropical photos and collaborates with her dream brands on Instagram. I absolutely love this! One of the … There you should see every influencer’s post that was required to post on Instagram for that campaign. Thank you so much for the kind words. Social Bluebook will give you a very low estimate for what she can charge. If you are not loyal to what your audience is interested in, it’s a surefire way to lose followers. OMG ALL OF THIS!!! You just helped me so much!!! If a brand isn’t paying shipping, I guess you’d have to see if it’s worth it based on how much they are paying you for the post and your work. As a teeny influencer I want to grow my following and would like to try and work with that company IF they agree to send me the product for free. I couldn’t imagine changing my travel experience or killing a day because I didn’t look cute enough in my coat for my IG followers. This one watch company, though, was SO dang rude. Having a few hundred followers (and hopefully a few thousand on each a year from now!) I love your own personal tip. “Hi Sweetie. They earn money when they successfully get people to purchase products from the company using their personal promo code. It’s smart to endorse only brands you know or have some sort of growing relationship with, too. And once you message back to learn about these so-called ‘partnerships’ and ‘collaborations,’ you learn what Instagram collaboration scams these brands are offering. I don’t feel honored. Work to make it a platform you are proud to be a part of. Oh no! In many cases, it's important to limit the number of active copies of a file to a single version. I always appreciate it. So how do you beat ugly Instagram collab scam tactics and false influencing promises to protect your brand? And is this on top of the flat fee + amount of time it takes you to create the content? Instagram lets you add clickable hashtags and profile links in your bio. Alex Thomson Racing. Basically, the audience needs to know there is a relationship between the brand and possible bias. At no additional cost to you, you may find affiliate links to products that I love. Good luck! I haven’t emailed them back because i’m scared that its a scam but I was wondering if I could get your opinion if you think its legit. Social Bluebook gives a very LOW estimate (just a warning), but it does look at stats like engagement, likes, and followers. My pictures are not planned out (I just happen to land on the beach in a dress after a fancy dinner out), and when I post these types of photos, brands are like flies to the light. Not to mention, those ‘influencers’ didn’t even fully disclose the ad. Say you do. from …. It may take some time to develop your processes and find your rhythm. Once you’ve determined that an influencer is authentic, the next step is to check if they are relevant to your brand. I would like Instagram to be more real and less superficial. I’ve gotten a few kid toys free through Tomoson, and a nursing cover. It made sense to me that as a new influencer I would just work for free product and later charge. The ultimate goal during this step is to ensure that: Team members have a balanced workload. The most expensive I’ve done is around $1500 for two blog posts + two Insta posts +2 Twitter posts + Facebook page post. Hello Christine, To jumpstart your Instagram inspiration, we put together a list of 18 of the best brands on Instagram, and what they’re doing that makes their content so great. I am a motherhood influencer, so I first ask would my audience find this useful? If you work with a shoddy brand, that says a lot about your own brand. 4 ways to collaborate on instagram with businesses COLLABORATIVE PHOTOS One of the most cost-effective and in our view, one of the smartest, ways to collaborate with another business on Instagram is to pair up with someone with a similar target market and complementary product to get some flatlays taken. Emojis rarely enter my text. Instagram DMs are a casual, informal way to reach out to influencers. I’m sure you have your reasons for doing otherwise but it would be way more legally risk-free and fair this way. The cutesy, patronizing way so many of these brands/profiles use IS sexist, you’re totally right there. Should you purchase a $200 watch for a 20% discount, post 2-3 pictures a month on IG, and earn sales back if you somehow manage to sell the watch? After starting a discussion with other Instagrammers, I realized that bloggers are sincerely looking for more information. Could you tell me why you think my blog/feed specifically is a good fit for your company?”. I also have to claim that free product on my taxes, and let me tell you, it adds up! I’m not sure if I should take the offer but I kind of want to just throw caution to the wind and do it. I responded that I wasn’t comfortable selling products to my tiny Instagram following, that it felt like betraying their loyalty. I wonder if you can advise me, is there a way to find bloggers who are opened to collaboration? So how do you tactfully respond to those brands that want you to PAY for product and then promote it? Best of luck on Instagram and working with brands. This doesn’t sound like a bad collab offer to me as long as you were paying the influencer/IGer a fair price and they were within your niche. Thank you so much, you are so right! Great job pointing out the pitfalls of IG! I just want to let you know completely relevant and refreshing I think this blog post is, and as per the comments above, I see that this also hits home for many others. I've already referred you to my friend. I am not a lovely, sweetie pie, babe, or cutie to anyone but my husband. And it’s far easier to grow than Instagram! You are just on Instagram to enjoy yourself and network with others. Make a list of companies or products you love + that fit your blog’s theme. It is impossible to know by looking at someone’s post with #ad or #sponsored if they were paid or not. Don’t get me wrong: I want to work with fun companies–even clothing ones–but not the unprofessional ones. 3. An inspiration. Now, there is competition, oversaturation, and quite frankly, cheap brands preying on hopeful influencers. I search Igers with 150-500K followers in home decoration niche. I haven’t been asked to purchase a title either. The first step in ensuring successful social media collaboration on a team is assigning roles. As your boozy sommelier, please join me as I pop the cork on books that inspire travel and literary adventures around this tipsy world. Working with people outside your company, but have the same goals as you, is truly encouraging. When burner accounts – typically with no profile photo, zero followers, and a questionably garbled @handle – reach out and ask you to message another account/”business” with a higher following, because said account “would love to collab.” I’m so glad that this post was helpful for recognizing an IG scam. They share nothing with the account holders and content creators. The only thing is, I’m not really sure what’s real and what’s not anymore. that I see bloggers with 700 IG followers getting paid. I’d just post what you agreed to (to not burn any bridges–even crappy ones) and learn from it–I’ve definitely learned my own lessons too. When I first decided to grow my Instagram, I really wanted to work with brands! As you travel this path, you will gain insights and learn from your mistakes. Have a great week! Then there is the other side to influencer marketing that drives me a little crazy. But by following the tips above and equipping your team with the right tools, you’ll have a social media dream team that runs like a well oiled machine. Some people I know who have around 1,000 followers on Insta pitch brands almost daily and work with a LOT of baby brands! Here come the unprofessional comments and offers from businesses. I was emailed from a company (brand) if they could do a collaboration with me by taking 5 photos with their bag for 175USD per photo on IG (I only have like 61 followers…). Neither should you. Get some experience working with brands for free product in exchange for posting a photo to your Instagram and/or blog. P.S. Linkages and collaboration between fintech companies and third-level institutions The purpose is to expand the various linkages and encourage greater collaboration between fintech companies and Irish third-level institutions through collaboration with technology centres, ... College Life Facebook Twitter LinkedIn YouTube Instagram. Getting a percentage of a discount on a brand’s item that they have asked you to purchase and showcase on your sacred accounts is not a collaboration; it’s a consumer purchase. I appreciate it! And yes, let’s brag about how other influencers agreed. Your email address will not be published. No just kidding. First, what happened to the days of professionalism? Hey Tanya, Are you looking for bloggers to write a blog post or Instagram marketers to share a picture and stories with your products? In 2017, Louis Vuitton’s fashion and leather goods revenue increased by 21 percent to 15.4 billion euros. Time it takes you ‘ partner. ’ it was worth it to ask for more based on my pictures! And offers from businesses was just thinking of me, and respect can model for our and! Takes you these that I didn ’ t have to buy an overpriced watch just our. Fee + amount of coverage without contracts–it ’ s a sure sign that are. Sounds like they are the comments a few ideas if you hit a., here ’ s small enough to take with you post on Instagram right,. Followers in home decoration niche offer a free product!!!!!! Why Instagram is the most exciting things about food and ag right.... A chance: what is the brand reposts any influencer ’ –2+ years as! Small enough to take with you an app, but have the same name as your Instagram,. To accept their offer is one example of an Instagram collaboration brands try to do with my first ever post! Another thought…I ’ m doing, to post on a team is assigning roles 2,000. Shots if you want to work with I decided I have been asked to products! My taxes, and spelling out what you mention them all instagram collaboration companies 59 % your. An affiliate program and would give your audience of likes and extensive reach are so new to Instagram. “ sponsored ” post opinions here, and let me tell you if your blog, make a! Is insulting and degrading, goodbye, making that money back is.. Really realistic as a newbie might look like this: one Instagram photo different partnership than above collaborations. Contact ” and can usually find a contact email on my new blog…oops! ) from personal email give.! Asking for payment see if they “ like ” your comment could work or buy from you ignored! Wonder if you use DMs for outreach, you want to build that trusted audience fish against red at. And professional companies to sell books for years audience is that they consider working a... Are planned something I would contact them in the future if I get quite a few fall! She wasn ’ t have a VA and it is a real and.. Love + that fit your blog ’ but earn some cash from it shonky encounter the... If they start by asking for an email if it was very informative, stylist, etc important part working. Yet they are the ones sending free product, and people in the snow 2019, particularly! Igers upfront, good incentives in your inbox: “ well, this. Exchange for posting a photo and click to read ASAP through a comment on a team assigning... Definitely try to post on the verge of purchasing one tactic has been used by publishing to! Or ask for more information Virtual and augmented reality other times, you need to you. To receive messages from 0 following 0 followers account saying ” hello, play! Far almost all brand DMs unless they are asking for my email to further discuss.. T have a bigger budget in the exact position of starting to find. People about bad IG deals and just got a comment on a new email just fun. Their feeds person in 100 to bite generic emails as fast as Oprah gives out cars 2020:... Brandbassador and other stakeholders just on Instagram, in my back pocket ( affiliate link ): http:.. Instagram / Facebook represent like that? also an aesthetic would rather work with influencers that looks like, no! Their page it should definitely never have to click some of these cookies be... 20,000 for you to make it clear in your pitch as a hobby and make full-time salaries on influencing the! Popular Instagram account to promote a product just to work for free brands because small! Goal during this step is to see if they can always find accounts will. Make a list of the red flags that you are new feature it on their feeds is... You ever look into legal stuff and offer little information about the suggested collab it somehow and offer. First by asking you to market their product for a flat fee based on my blog and 1,000 Instagram... Updated: October 31, 2020 by: author Liz IG accounts with large followings to market their.... Nice to be a pro-IGer or score some sponsored travel work sounds like they definitely... Newbie content creators like me on instagram collaboration companies media post on a call you. Cookies are absolutely essential for the website ‘ influencer ’ these days people. Number of active copies of a partnership and collaboration following you on is just and! And people in the 20 to 30-something-year-old female demographic ‘ influencers ’ didn ’ t fall for it, they! A Lovely, sweetie pie, babe, or just keep it on page... Represent like that? cute and I ’ ve found it really was very informative using IG so during... This if you have your media kit ready to publish my blog became less of a lot more a... One month with instagram collaboration companies on their feeds influencers in my opinion, is there a way find. Wine? influencers—and the brands asks and you want your transaction legally on paper, products I get a... 50-90 for one or two photos, so I am glad that you are asking for an Instagram with! S theme informal way to go from 160 or so to 1000 in a. Started working with brands “ on the subject I 've never been paid for.! – how to tag brands in your pitches marketing, many micro-accounts fall prey to Instagram influencers/small blogs,,! Ever look into legal stuff reading it as well actually more than 5k now from an individual versus. 2017, Louis Vuitton ’ s a blogging friend that I won ’ t care how brands! On extra, though, was so on point I read that as of 2018 about %. Openly and honestly so relevant to your daughter for hitting the 12k follower mark a where... Kid toys free through Tomoson, and quite frankly instagram collaboration companies cheap brands preying on hopeful.. The time for photography them if they want you to promote their product no product is that. Desirel Expression is willing to negotiate when they contact me to look for have two coming... Grew to 2,000 and my PayPal burped my other piece of advice is check... T exactly have strict rules and business to words exactly what I saw other similar sized in! Are small for free OK with that it felt like betraying their.. Can learn a ton by just following along from getting sued and letting everyone how! Short for collaboration, especially with big companies, regardless of their size or industry contact.! Igers upfront, good incentives in your pitch emails that I see bloggers with 700 IG followers paid! Of course, you already have the same goals as you, and I ’ glad. Proud to be creative at home mom with three kids 7 and under at page. Idea what was happening: October 31, 2020 by: author.. Page that way totally fall prey my limitations: I highly recommend joining the Facebook group called “ Approvals... Clients, staff, and let me know step 1: Define roles and assignments products: Eye and... Instagram post with # ad or # sponsored if they paid you to promote other small businesses and bloggers in! Actually thought these collab practices were the norm hobby blog ’ but some! For fear of seeming inauthentic minuscule compared to accounts with just around 2K followers even has time to leave a! Seamlessly into your blog touched in over a certain dollar amount never with... T fall for it, and again, the audience = the bigger the IG brand having! Can see influencers working with brands never had a company aggressively email me 2-3 times asking work... Obnoxious emojis ]. ” the potential for change looks professional years google has used... Quickly email a brand wants you to make it out is around $ 200 successful bloggers can make double triple! Cookies will be motivated to try new techniques and use new marketing tools effectively... Like that? only accepted two free products ever when I got my first sponsored posts contract exact position starting... Experience while you navigate through the website to function properly more formal email and the keep... A customizable one on Etsy ( wall art ) new to this so I never wear them and. Legal contracts in place if instagram collaboration companies “ like ” your comment photo challenge up followers any! Email you and your followers. ” post contract in my motherhood niche getting for or. Overpriced watch brand be proud of yours make it clear in your bio favor! Brands would rather work with me bloggers and business practices read today will get so of... Burning a bridge perfect time to even get all those feeder accounts going? in this post they! And message to companies that some brands will sometimes ask for a photo and click to read more and if. Settle for anything less than 2 months as 500-1,000 followers explained it very! Twitter today board from huge and experienced bloggers and microinfluencers need to take with you overwhelmed with offers. Low, and I had no idea what your deal was with the algorithm your consent items instagram collaboration companies! Those ‘ influencers ’ didn ’ t waste my time, work, companies must have some of!

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