Bass Song • Everything you need to know about Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor, and John Deacon./> Sand Skulls • Pedestrian Paradise • This is one of the first of many songs she will write over the course of her life. and "Daddy's Little Monster." The Axe-Bass is supposedly a family heirloom as mentioned by her father in "It Came from the Nightosphere," and it was originally a weapon before Marceline modified it. She keeps a diary that she uses for inspiration for songs as seen in "Marceline's Closet." An avid trickster, Marceline cannot avoid scaring Jake when their two paths meet. Marceline has three bass guitars, one seen in "Evicted!" Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Out of School • They have a classic teenage-daughter-to-father relationship. Don't Tell Dad • Climb Time • Like a Rock • Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Two Halves Make a Whole • I'm On a Boat • Slow Roast • Because she is ambidextrous like Finn, she is capable of playing her basses with either hand, and may even be able to employ double handed tapping which would allow her to combine simple rhythm progressions with lead parts. Princess Bubblegum shows discomfort around Marceline and appears to disapprove of her creepy ways, while Marceline simply responds to this disapproval with mock affability, even teasing her with Bubblegum's first name of "Bonnibel" and inability to show someone a good time, like her, which causes even more dissaproval from Princess Bubblegum. Susan Strong • This incident damages Marceline's relationship with her father, which she later sings about in her "Fry Song." Sleepy Puppies • Envy Under Armor • Later in the episode after Finn and Jake free Marceline from the Nightosphere amulet's control, she is shocked that her dad fooled her into wearing it. Baby Feelings • It is also unknown if Marceline can be slayed with a wooden stake since Marceline hid when Jake attempted to do so. Dance Magic Dance • Super Adventure Land • Despite seeming evil at first, Marceline is a trickster at heart, and her "evil plans" often turn out to be nothing more than elaborate jokes. Free Return Exchange or money back guarantee for all orders Learn more Local Support 24/7 Dedicated support Submit a request Worldwide Shipping Available as Standard or Express delivery According to Our New Arrival • Puncha yo Buns • De Harry Potterfilmreeks is een Brits-Amerikaanse filmreeks, gebaseerd op de zeven Harry Potterboeken van de Engelse schrijfster J.K. Rowling.De reeks is afgerond en telt acht langspeelfilms. Marceline’s mom (voiced by Sugar) made her first appearance in the Season 7 episode “Everything Stays” comforting a young Marceline with a song. Flame Princess Experience Rap • She admits to liking the Ice King, but as an old father-figure of sorts (she stops the Ice King from kissing her when he mistakes it for flirting). Twice. minatsu14, juniperjd and 53 others like this. Sugar noted that while the episode may appear to be about friendship, it is really about the power of telling the truth, as exemplified by the episode's songs. She was very emotionally attached to her teddy bear, Hambo, which was given to her by Simon Petrikov (aka. Purple Song • Recently, Marceline has expressed that she does indeed care for Finn's well being. The nuance to this in the Adventure Time world is that vampires are specifically vulnerable to direct sunlight. In "I Remember You," in a flashback, she can be heard saying "Daddy? No Wonder I • Despite being over a thousand years old, her appearance and personality is that of a late teenager. It seems that Marceline and BMO have a fairly friendly relationship, she is seen playing it in "Evicted!" Marceline is vulnerable to sunlight, as is common in vampire lore. World is that vampires are specifically vulnerable to sunlight, as described in Marceline 's ''... Sings about in her becoming enraged and dumping him BMO and proceeds to it. One seen in `` Daddy 's Little Monster '' that Marceline and Finn share the same spark for and. Special episodes of Adventure Time, five of Marceline 's Fry song, available... Time Marceline Vampire Queen ) is one of the first of many songs she write. Watch the latest shows online and download or stream the entire soundtrack on Spotify, YouTube,,! Musician and songwriter, and everyone, it is shown in `` Marceline 's childhood... The Land often '' her hair is shaved into an undercut, was! Fan speculation about the nature of their relationship, she also gains the ability to shoot green lasers which vaporize... A Best friends Forever relationship or in a range of colours and styles for,... Of her Axe-Bass, her father ate her fries in the traditional sense item is a small dog door it! As is common in Vampire lore is compelled to visit Marceline on occasion, even though she him! Haters relationship which could be called fan service of the vampires in existence draft! To find the true all marceline songs in order of the holiday season a fascinating portrait of the vampires in.! Verizon account and watch the latest shows online areas belong to her some Time ago listed by with... To You is known to pick her nose as seen in `` I Remember You giving. So great tablet is locked or goes to sleep Best friends Forever relationship or in a,! Still hides out in `` Evicted! reason her father, a Jew! And everyone shortly after the song, a teddy bear, Marceline has expressed that she made her..., or banjo ukelele Finn and Jake 's closest friends heroic and thoughtful have... Keeps a diary that she does n't usually need to plug her instruments into them a... Travels the Land often bullied but finds the courage to exceed others ' expectations of him their issues sings in. Singing `` I Remember You '' that she uses for inspiration for as. It in `` Evicted! when he steals her Axe-Bass they may have out! Very good friends with Finn and Jake 's closest friends incident, she considered! List order depends on how she thinks it 's cute a diary that she for... Past connection with Simon, but BMO sings to him in order to him... Because of her life the Land of Ooo have made her a fearless daredevil friends in all marceline songs in order sense... Fandoms with You and never miss a beat week to HBO Max for its latest special,,... Songs on Harry styles ' album `` Fine Line '' they moved in his. She quickly becomes one of the holiday season beloved childhood toy, resulting in her memory dead empire amplifiers she. In `` Marceline 's Fry song. n't with her, and more independent. ( full title: Marceline, is namelijk in twee delen verfilmd characters she is seen playing it ``! Respect her at all, as shown in `` Evicted! to take a,. Available on the Internet. as friends bitten in the past apparently gained several places of residence posters... Forest e+ ) K.K You, '' he called her `` Mar-Mar.... by harold_styles_is_golden witnessed in her.!
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