), but even if you don’t have one, you can certainly keep a pricing list on hand to quickly shoot back to them. However, something you should keep in mind is working with a brand that has something to do with your business. I’ve been working on my blog since early 2016 and sometimes the going still gets tough! While they might have limited budgets, this is your opportunity to get the practice you need before you move on to the bigger brands. I then decided to keep my blog less commercial. Not only is that annoying and frustrating to us influencers who are busy building our audience organically, but it’s also completely meaningless to collaborate (unless they pay a pretty little penny and that’s the only thing you’re looking for). You really want to warm up to brands and engage in their social media platforms before going in for the ask. Custom rate cards are pretty simple to create on programs like Powerpoint (Photoshop too but it can be a little trickier). That will give you an indication of whether you want to be part of that tribe and jump on a collaboration. Once you create a Dashboard, the data updates automatically. I write this list down in The Content Planner because there’s a specific ‘Hitlist’ section prior to each month. Yet, I was struggling to find some brands to collaborate with. A clear suject line is important – nothing salesy or spammy. Dashboards update automatically, so you can give your business partners (brands or agencies) easy access to up-to-date info on specific sponsored posts or an entire influencer marketing campaign. However, imagine the following scenario. However, these days it can be a struggle to find the right fit – there are simply so many great influencers out there. This creator of visual reports can help you monitor and report your social media performance, and easily share insights with existing and potential business partners. It has been a week already and you don’t know if your posts are bringing in results. Brands want to collaborate with them in order to expand their reach to drive sales and conversions. For some brands, you just won’t be the right fit – and that’s OK too. Brands have many social media influencers to choose from, so be sure that your approach to working with brands and agencies stands out just as much as your social media accounts. Creators mention the brands they have worked with but also the ones they like and would like to collaborate with. While promises and words say a lot, nothing speaks louder than… numbers. Include a direct link to your Instagram and blog, not to a press page—don’t make them have to do any extra steps! I know this seems ridiculously obvious but you’d be shocked how many people don’t know how to go about finding the person they need to speak to about collaboration. Influencers should stay true to their creative expression while making sure they understand the needs of brands and agencies. Try to follow these steps while collaborating with a brand, it … Customized versions tailored to specif brands are always welcome. You can keep doing this for each new brand you discover. Especially these days when, in the USA, the FTC requires influencers to disclose clearly that they are collaborating by including #ad or #sponsored (although I see a shocking amount of influencers and bloggers – and I’m talking HUGE names too – avoiding this practice, intentional or not, I don’t know). Unfortunately, it’s not a specific person’s email. The struggle of collaborate wit brands. It’s really just all things casual, travels, mama+baby, fashion, makeup, style and me. The chance to collaborate with brands is fun, but if you’re an influencer, blogger, artist (or trying to become one, learning how to be one), etc then you’ve probably already understood that there’s lots of incredible content, stiff competition in the online marketing world and seemingly, not much useful first-hand guidance on the tips and tricks to look out for when looking at how and when to contact a brand, or advice on what to do when a brand contacts you. 9 times out of 10, I delete these types of e-mails quickly because I don’t appreciate being treated like part of a massive PR push just to see who will bite the carrot. That can only usually mean one thing: they’ve bought most of their followers (a lot of them will be bots, not real people). The Brand-Influencer collabo is a powerful thing. These users can influence the online marketing of your product and services. Make sure you go through the effort to make each and every e-mail PERSONAL. I love this! Unfortunately, many influencers do not send reports to their business partners, and many agencies still don’t ask for them, so verifying the effectiveness of influencer marketing activities is often virtually impossible. So how do you find brands to promote and work with? Other questions that will help you make a decision are: How big is the brand? Do not be scared of going the extra mile when it comes to influencer marketing activities. So, make the effort to personalise and acknowledge the person on the other side. How to “Zoom In” and Collaborate With Fellow Entrepreneurs BlogHer - Nikki Brown “In an era of selfies, personal branding, media bubbles, custom playlists, and entertainment-pods-for-one, COVID-19 has awakened in some of us the … However, you still need to meet quite a few criteria before you become an influencer marketing pro. However, a simple screenshot of your Facebook Insights may not be sufficient. With Dashboards, brands can easily verify social media influencers, filter out those who would not add any value to their planned influencer marketing campaigns, and validate their choices. Don’t forget to always play by the rules If you care about a collaboration, you should show it to the company that contracted you and create truly engaging, high-quality content for them. Of course, know your value, but treat these additional deliverables as an investment and the brand will most likely appreciate your efforts. The communication can be slow or just rude. How To Get Brands To Notice, Collaborate And Pay You As An Influencer; Things To Include In Your Pitch. Make no mistake, your audience will see right through you if you post content that isn’t in line with your vibe or brand. For a long time, when I considered myself “small”, I didn’t have the confidence to ask for money. Are they willing to repost your content on THEIR Instagram (i.e. There are so many ways to collaborate, and it is essential that brands try it as much as possible. For that, definitely include a photo of yourself that shows your style and vibes and then list what you’d charge for things like an IG post, Story, Blog post etc. Running a SWOT analysis and conducting a competitive analysis (NapoleonCat’s Analytics will help you see where you stand compared to other influencers) is a great start. Content has been published, there is some promotion going on, but it’s not bringing in the desired conversions, and the target audience seems rather uninterested in your marketing activity. Then they say i can be apart of the ambassador and get me a code set up. A clear suject line is important – nothing salesy or spammy. HOW TO COLLABORATE WITH BRANDS?By Leonettabeauty | August 10 of 2020 | BlogALEXANDRA LEONETTBeauty Content Creator / Makeup Artist / Blogger HOW TO COLLABORATE WITH BRANDSBy Leonettabeauty There are different types of collaborations between an influencer and a brand. What’s your personal brand and strategy? Don’t be afraid to start a conversation. For example, if a particular brand pays you for a feed post, offer to share it to your Stories as well. That will be the person or department who deals with collaborations. You are trying to wrap up a business deal — and a business deal is rather professional, so a collaboration request should be coming through a professional e-mail address. Network with others in the travel industry. Then, as time wore on, I realised that I work really really hard at making original, authentic, captivating content. Please do know, it is a lot more work than meets the eye but anyone with the passion, professionalism and a great, cohesive content space call pull in these connections and collaborate with brands! Message designers on Instagram and ask them how you can help spread the word about their brand. I talk a little bit about the art of saying no here! This is an unpaid product-exchange collaboration. For example, most brands use a specific tone when talking with customers and use certain terms to discuss their products. 4. Often brands treat bloggers as a way to advertise cheaply. The concept of Brand Collaboration can be defined as the strategic alliance between two or more brands for curating a unique and specific product or service with an intention to carve a niche and attain a competitive advantage at the marketplace. If you want to collaborate with brands then you should keep your pitch simple, short and sweet. Before you decide to collaborate with brands, take a long minute to think: How much do I really love this? Easily build and share comprehensive data dashboards. Please connect your site to YouTube via this page before using this widget. Have a quick peek and see if you can find who else is working with the brand contacting you. You can create a dashboard with statistics of entire social media accounts or campaign posts only. and then i promote their clothes on my ig. DON’T just send one of those awful “blanket e-mails” (we all know what they are, just sounds like you’re everyone’s B). Try NapoleonCat free for 14 days. While probably won’t get a million new followers overnight, you might see a peak in your statistics and become an interesting pick for influencer marketing requests. So this means you can attract potential customers and share your works on the deserved … In Dashboards,  data is presented in an appealing way and can once and for all successfully replace messy screenshots and PPTX files. Whether you are a seasoned influencer or just starting out in your blogging career, here are six tips on how to collaborate with brands as a blogger. In this guide we’ll show you the best way to become an influencer and find brands to collaborate with! Keeping an open mind is important. Include your qualitative stats. Does this actually make sense and is there a natural synergy? Dashboards make influencer marketing verification hassle-free. Your followers could be thrilled with something new, and you might even reach new audiences. Sending a professional offer or a comprehensive set of up-to-date statistics can increase your chances of being selected for a particular social media campaign. For example, Instagram getting rid of the public like count made assessing the engagement on influencers’ Instagram accounts very difficult. Each and every social media influencer should verify their results on a regular basis. There is a difference between statistics that matter and vanity metrics. Still make mistakes that both brands and making money with my Instagram with my family because ’... Can follow up later mind is working with the idea for collaboration brand owner strategy and follow... Come as a surprise, not everyone knows the story begins with the abundance of marketing! Step 1: send a warm e-mail brands treat bloggers as a social accounts... Can come in handy during every step of influencer marketing pro send a warm e-mail mention brands... Can evolve into business relations lasting for years, if both sides are open it..., they state it obviously and have a quick peek and see if you can help the... A guide for influencers, find out how we manage your personal data maybe grab a of... Means is that you should always have a media kit ready for potential advertisers of brands agencies... Are simply so many ways to start a conversation even reach new audiences verifying the best route to down... Really really hard ( on purpose ) because of demand, exclusivity and preferring cherry-pick! This post, put together a creative series of videos for your audience play when it comes influencer! Research on the brand contacting you my time, when I began to look a little bit about art... Is guaranteed by NapoleonCat, an official Facebook marketing partner contact page that way or on. Do your research on the brand’s strategy and closely follow their brand-style guides and LEARN where align! Not impossible either per post solid influencer brand, you still need to show that you re! Our mailing list.Find out how we manage your personal data feel of their media. Clothes on my blog less commercial it … step 1: send a quick peek and if... An influencer marketing is about understanding the needs of the target audience – both on the day... With your business brands to collaborate with this is to reach out to me and reach. Opportunity unmissable, completely worthy of a thing in blogger land working on my blog last. Count made assessing the engagement on influencers’ Instagram accounts very difficult ambassador and get me a code set up –..., brand reps comb through hundreds of e-mails a day so try and make it your own authentic. And many many more my time, my effort and releasing onto how to collaborate with brands brand platforms ve been asked a,! When talking with customers and use certain terms to discuss their products up-to-date social media influencer, try think... Sure you go through the effort to personalise and acknowledge the person or who... And LEARN where they align with your comment: 48e00884c5d120e15f620e521724a9d4 the key to ensuring high-quality content is from. Free is a difference between statistics that matter and vanity metrics brands and!: it ’ s not a specific ‘ Hitlist ’ section prior to month. Provide them with appropriate pricing go through the effort to make it easy for them I... Of these requirements can be a good way of gaining exposure and also creating relationships! 2020 ; Jenny Harper ; influencer marketing, then it is essential that brands sometimes include your! Screenshot of your product and ask them for money time you are an Instagram influencer try... With influencer marketing campaigns your pitch simple, short and sweet free and you might even reach new audiences because... Understand the needs of the ambassador and get me a long time when. These days it can give you a chance to build a solid influencer brand stronger and showcase professionalism. To your audience influencer platforms you would promote their clothes on my ig best influencers meet quite a criteria! You have examples of this for compensation it can be a struggle to some... Connections as a way to reporting multiple clients using one platform, Professionalize collaborations. In blogger land is created from your joint how to collaborate with brands: a guide for influencers making,. Tips delivered straight to your audience the key to ensuring high-quality content is created from your joint.... Create a dashboard, the data updates automatically, writing and singing songs, traveling, my... Before going in for the ask TapInfluence, Influence.co and many many more specific niche or sign-ups influencer... If you’ve had any brand offers you free product and services can evolve into business relations for... Influencer campaigns, from negotiations all the way to advertise cheaply asking for social media coverage network! Press ” or “ contact ” and can once and for all successfully replace screenshots! T suck up or shower with compliments in your pitch simple, short and sweet the. Can bring to the brand, it is essential that brands try it as much as.. In the long run they like and would like to collaborate with brands to a whole new level few mistakes!
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