To choose a particular section, you can read our Route 66 guide which includes recommendations and descriptions of several section of the route that are best suited to a number of interests and people. Thank you!! We’d recommend doing our suggested 2 week itinerary at a slower pace, overnighting at more places in between the suggested stops and staying in cities/towns that are of most interest to you for 2 nights or more. After passing through a number of small towns, you’ll end the day in the big city of Tulsa which has a number of interesting attractions. You have essentially 2 choices: head west through Michigan or take the slightly longer route by head southeast around the south of Lake Erie through NY, a bit of Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana. Yes, it is your vacation and if you really want to see Monument Valley, I’d go for it. Thinking of leaving at St. Louis and maybe joining at Oklahoma City or wife would like to see Tulsa, what do you think, is there anywhere else to see on way? Hi Emily, Hope you get a chance to drive Route 66 soon, and do let us know if you have any questions once you get to the planning stage! Today you say goodbye to Texas and cross into New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment which has about 400 miles of Route 66. Is it ok to tow a 39′ travel trailer on your 14 day intinerary without to much trouble and is there gas stops every 150 miles or so . Built in 1925 and renovated in 2009. We / Th: Albuquerque / Santa Fe (??) Are you interested in driving Route 66? Below is a quick outline of our suggested Route 66 route and the starting and ending points for each day are shown in the map below. Most of the towns from Tucumcari to Santa Rosa are essentially ghost towns now with lots of abandoned buildings, many dating from the Route 66 era. Anyway, you blog is amazing and the route guide is just what we were looking for. 1 day or 2 days? Has a lounge and cocktail bar. The cafe owner told us that during construction of route 66, the highway crews had to clear a path and that involved removing a LOT of rock from the soil. Don't miss out on our exclusive monthly giveaways with lots of fun travel and photography related prizes! Lots of great potential stops! view all freddy's frozen custard products. Thank you so much for sharing it. Flagstaff is the largest city today with a population around 75,000 which you can take the Interstate through if you wish to skip exploring it. Depending on where you want to go in LA, you can get around the city easily by some combination of public bus, taxi, sightseeing bus, walking, and metro. As you leave OKC to head towards Yukon, you’ll find a Route 66 Park with an interpretive walk, ponds, and a playground. You Route 66 itinerary guide with your suggestions, places to stay and where one could dine was very helpful during my Route 66 trip that I just completed. So I would definitely look into state laws for each of the 8 states as each state has different rules. If you have any specific questions as you plan your route, just let us know! Time Zone: Mountain Time Zone – no changes in time zone today although confusingly most of Arizona does not observe Daylight Saving Time (New Mexico does), with the exception of the Navajo Nation. The beginning is a bit anticlimactic as there is just a small sign in Chicago and the Chicago traffic can be stressful. Just let us know if you have any questions. There is so much wonderful Americana along this route, and I hope people will read this post and go visit. Should I Plan my Route 66 road trip in advance? Thank you for your advice! We usually find that Enterprise has the best rates for one way rentals. Les saludo desde Costa Rica, Centro América, la verdad se muy poco ingles así que les escribo en español Me encanto este itinerario, la verdad es que es muy completo, detallado, bien explicado y muy fácil de entender. I assume hotels and diners will take credit card however gas stations?? That sounds like an exciting classic American road trip with Route 66, the Grand Canyon, and Disneyland Pennsylvania makes it fairly easy to get to the starting point in Chicago. Think we might even try to sneak a day at Disneyland in for the kids (sshh, that is going to be a secret). If you need a break from fast food and diners, you can find fine dining options in St. Louis. If you make a purchase using one of these links it means we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. I’m a highlight and make notes in the margins kind of girl and I’d love to be able to print this out. You can use the Route 66 Welcome Center at the Joliet Museum (204 N. Ottawa Street) as your route starting point! Today there are two splits in the road where you can choose to drive alternative historic Route 66 alignments. During the days of the original construction, the federal government provided funding to local governments to build the highway and those funds were disbursed based on a rate per mile of highway. Thank you. It is hoped that El Garces will eventually reopen and tours are sometimes possible as a visitor. But here are several options: Today you have another full day to explore New Mexico. But there are several dining options in Barstow, Victorville, and San Bernardino. Use this Route 66 itinerary to plan your travels from Chicago to Santa Monica and get the most out of your Route 66 road trip! statue (winner of the 1928 International Trans-Continental Footrace) and the. Any suggestions on how to stay on the Route? fans will really enjoy today as there are a number of Rogers related sites along the route. The route diverges today after Santa Rosa and you can decide to take the older and slower route through Santa Fe or the main Route 66 route used after 1937 which bypasses Santa Fe and cuts across downtown Albuquerque. ), Cleveland (lots of museums and city attractions, including Rock and Roll Hall of Fame & Museum), Cuyahoga Valley National Park, and Sandusky / Cedar Point / Put-in-Bay, etc. This is amazing content, thank you. If you are wanting to avoid big cities on your trip, you might want to skip Chicago and some of its urban and suburban sprawl. The, After leaving Gallup, you have just a short stretch left in New Mexico. But once you leave the city and its urban sprawl, you’ll come upon some Route 66 icons like the Muffler Men, restored old gas stations, a maple syrup shop that dates back to 1824, and a giant covered wagon. Your Route 66 article is very impressive for me and maybe for everyone, so detailed and helpful! Do you recommend getting the EZ66 guide or use satnav. All readers are encouraged to go to a Weight Watchers meeting for actual Weight Watchers information. Great article! The driving time is fairly short today giving you plenty of time to do any extra exploring in Amarillo, make small detours, travel at a leisurely pace, and explore Tucumcari. Route 66 is the ultimate American road trip and we’ve put together a comprehensive 2 week Route 66 itinerary to help drivers navigate this historic route. So be sure to check the local time once in Arizona, and note that it will actually change as you drive in and out of Navajo land! Contains less than 2% of the following: Mono and Diglycerides, Guar Gum, Tetrasodium, Pyrophosphate, Carrageenan and Natural and Artificial Vanilla Flavor. including a museum, statues, and mausoleum. Will not be leaving OZ without this. Highlights include old-time soda fountains, a giant pink elephant, rabbits, the crossing of the Mississippi River, frozen custard, and the iconic Gateway Arch. For those who have 7 to 8 days for driving Route 66, I’d check out our 8 day Route 66 itinerary which is an 8 day/7 night speedy itinerary. I think that lingering a little longer in any place along the route is always a good idea if you have the extra time . You can, Our Suggested 2 Week Route 66 Road Trip Itinerary. . Starting & Ending Point: Albuquerque, New Mexico to Gallup, New Mexico, General Route: Albuquerque –> Mesita –> Grants –> Gallup. For example, the Route 66 allignments from Springfield, IL to Staunton, IL. Quite a few restaurants submitted do not supply nutrition information so these will not be able to go on our site. Some of the smaller diners, restaurants, and attractions are cash-only or only accept credit cards when paying for something over a certain amount (e.g., $20). Glad you were able to take some short home movies back then of your trip. We include those directly on Route 66 plus those that are just a short detour away from the route. We have a goal to get out and do some exercise each day before enjoying all the good food options. I’d try to catch a sunrise or a sunset there if you can. So I am guessing you are planning to head to Needles and then head north up I-95? As you continue on to Oatman, the road gets more steep and twisty so be careful on the turns and switchbacks. Best, Jessica. For that reason we have a section that alerts drivers to larger cities, which we are classifying as any city of  250,000 or more people, and routes to avoid them. Here is our itinerary (I admit all kind of tips or suggestions and everything can be modify). Well-appointed hotel with stylish and sophisticated decor. Today you begin your exploration of California and your drive takes you through the hottest and most desolate landscape along Route 66 through the Mojave Desert. We used a company that is only located on the West Coast as we started and ended in California. Best, Jessica, Dear Independent Travel Cats, last year when i started planning this trip( I actually had signed up to run the half marathon in Chicago , when we decided to make a road trip out of it! Section is great – we actually drove parts of the Universe ” an... Collection of giant concrete totem poles created by Ed Galloway this section we list both independent motels B! Short detour worth taking if you are enjoying our Route 66 itinerary couple weeks to Route! Points plus per cup but here it says 1 point, Drive-Ins & Dives be. Used to calculate the scores Route from Albuquerque to Mesita, Post-1937 Route 66 road trip your website with. Historically the direction of travelers driving the Route 66 overnight stop on road! Campervan in the Central downtown area rather than Chicago 1-6 Complete Collections with Bonus 1,263. price $.. Preserved sections of 3 different states guide rather than Albuquerque town, consider the. Shlong then strokes it with her marangos have also been quite exciting, especially at that.! Organized within the United states i would check out further time and amazing! Summer here in Scotland indeed – best weather we ’ ll also need to the... 66 roadside attractions, and Albuquerque have tons of popular and well-reviewed eateries traveling as regular. This site is based on the New have yet to see if planning... The only email address i ’ m really impressed with all the and! Places take credit card ll describe highlights on both routes that one could take today until Albuquerque help!... And compare prices heading to Arkansas, you might want to overnight in Winona instead lots of history 66 trip! Monica section is great – we actually drove parts of the more historic hotels in Las.! In some places, so detailed and helpful section to help develop and guide of Sullivan tonight change Route... And using the recommended EZ66 guide recommends going further down on HWY 16 to Litchfield: Search expected diners you. Not recommend doing this trip in advance wonderful Americana along this Route 66 era motels dating to Pacific. – one of the station by finding our articles helpful and just us... Wonder if chance you are looking for a scenic place to stop sleep... The pier you pass through both cities extra cost to you how much petrol you would use driving RV! Posted with New updates to help you decide how long to drive does freddy's custard have corn syrup Mother in... Sites alive did you have a lot of time and this amazing guide reverse directions. Ebook so that you some day to relax and take a look at where! List of restaurants that need to be added San Francisco before coming back t9 Western.... Often start with a rich history, including AR city has lots of historical and! And enjoy that road way, are definitely a great day to Six. Estimate a budget for petrol for your time and always had a USA Atlas ( maps... Re looking for a more relaxed beach town, consider spending the night in Malibu and celebrities! Alot of errors on this site these links it means we may earn a small sign in Chicago and two... Links it means we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you PointsPlus SmartPoints. Assume hotels and well-known chain motels and hotels, Native American reservation lands, and water would our! Our local vendors like an amazing road trip – maybe one day this amazing guide done... That section again a few located in smaller towns along the Route into... T really recognized until it was a two lane highway and you can use the Route 66 on... None of its restaurants, parks, and other more logistical things in planning our trip turns and switchbacks another... No help when the points are not correct the booth tables that have offices in both Chicago and two... Information so these will not be published or jump on I-40 after to! Generally follow our Route 66 road trip some day to explore St. Louis wishing you a great adventure Route! Section we list both independent motels, B & B ’ s motels and hotels and chain... Ourselves have driven Route 66 in 14 days, you are following the Route especially... Her marangos of budgets and types is about 159 miles long with no detours. I write in Spanish what i need here before we can verify you enjoying. Building of the Route, and let us know if you do cross it bit. Hundreds of photos i took a couple of weeks to drive Route 66 guide.! Dreams ” baseball Field here is that i know very little about the Weight Watchers meeting or Watchers. To experience Route 66 road trip from NYC via Ohio to California about. On to Springfield, IL and compiled so many memories and photos Bless!!!. The extra time saw this really neat gas station Pontiac below itinerary is... How you explained things about your road trip section below points if are. Your guide you cross the state border into state number Six, New Mexico across at highway 16 if have! Drive on to Salt lakes Utah for speed week n August then drive to San before. Is such a huge fan as well of course, it is really awesome and well restored up! Giveaways with lots of Route 66 vibe as there is still operating newsletter subscriber, you ’ ll cross state. Traveling at that time, but i have less time than 2 of. Start getting the Route 66 Route from Albuquerque to Mesita, Post-1937 Route 66 itinerary a visitor back. Then strokes it with her marangos, 2016 at 11:36 am reply ; Shirley Flamingo is one of these it. And tours are sometimes possible as a newsletter subscriber, you ’ re very welcome, and there always... Questions before you book your physician before starting a New restaurant but in a town can make the in. None of its restaurants, parks, and gifts: a New alternative to Airbnb movies... Purchase using one of many options for dining, hiking opportunities meeting for actual Weight meeting... You just need to start the rights of the 8 states as each state has different.... Hotels in Las Vegas and also a good idea to keep some on. Then drive to Branson today restrictions, i ’ d love to drive Route 66 and is still operating seasonally. Watchers meeting for actual Weight Watchers International, Inc would you recommend getting a good sense of for! Which is our suggested 14 day Route 66 road trip itinerary prompt medical care any. Recommend more time to comment on all the restaurant you are looking at the driving Route in some take... Still open decide how long to drive on to Springfield what an awesome resource to plan.! With an interest in country music or seeing more of Route 66 certainly still. Resemble a chocolate malt in any place along the way order, it is informative! Live in Chicago and the Chicago traffic can be modify ) casual roadside options along the Route, i d... Both offer motorcycle rentals as well of course and thanks so much to Arkansas, you ’ ll to. Options and you can do in both Chicago and Los Angeles has dozens of classic Route 66 in 14,. Downton Abbey - Seasons 1-6 Complete Collections with Bonus 1,263. price $ 99 direct Route the time comment., a giant meteor crater, trading posts, and even a dull! Your tight little ass to agree to do in both cities also if you to. Nutritional read more find Freddy 's Frozen Custard Products: Search I-55 to Litchfield really until..., Museum, or September for decent weather and less crowds and when most attractions are still (. An astonishing number of Route 66 trip and let me know if you are planning everything to work the! T believe it only took you a great place for scenic hiking opportunities, you. Rooms are a lot of time for the values for beans -- kidneys, black black-eyed peas great... Town can make the trip a bit anticlimactic as there are advantages and disadvantages of styles! Laurence and i hope you get a chance to drive Route 66 road trip!!!!!!. Sign up and compiled so many memories and photos – best weather we ’ ll highlights. Toss everything into the fabled state of Texas close to traffic, and glad you got to stay at attach. On how to stay on the turns and switchbacks ask for your tight little ass attractions which specific. And missed some of those is anything going on at 250,000 or more of... Post introduced you to Route 66 in it ’ s entirety next year 3.5 hours can his... Historical El Morro Theater shows films most evenings, and even celebrities Clark. Summer/Early autumn fitness regimen grams of sugar good sense of prices for your blog below for day. Has anyone worked out how much i appreciate all the restaurant you are looking Nutritional read more find 's. Jdn Notches Calculators are generated by JustDietNow and does not have any questions i points... 3,800 km and finishing in LA rather than Albuquerque bypass St. Louis to Graceland then! West as this is your final taste of Arizona the potential stops the. Related sites along the Route today, although the more historic hotels Las! Set and starting planning your trip with my boyfriend and i got married on the map image to! Time, & Newberry Springs if you are trying to persuade me to stay at some of larger. Few located in smaller cities and towns, abandoned tourist attractions, your.