As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This topic becomes increasingly important as a disaster situation lengthens in time. MRE survival food packs; Alcohol such as Vodka for trading and wound sterilization. What Isn’t On This Survival Foods List: You’ll notice that I didn’t include some of the “obvious” survival foods on this list, like dry beans, pasta, and rice. Terms Of Use (it’s heavy! ANY food producing product on your land is a valuable asset for preparedness. It’s easy to acquire a roll or two of plastic sheeting. Homeland Security recommends 7 days for survival, but in recent years, some people don't have electricity or heat for up to 3 weeks, so to be really safe - plan for at least 3 weeks. The same thing about Kelly Kettles. Lol It fixes everything! Here’s what I wrote about that: Single Burner Butane Stove | Safer For Cooking Indoors. A good target is one that’s designed to keep you going for 72 hours. ����� There are many others too. When I purchased the house I got a gas water heater and a gas stove. Gallons Of Rainwater Collection From A Tarp. It’s fun to put one together. I always keep lots of them on hand. I owe Ken a thank you as once I discovered this blog shortly after reading One Second After I started building the food supply. I gave three families each a full 5 gal bucket of food, bar soap, hydrogen peroxide, 91% alcohol, plus a bag of rice and beans. I got them a small bottle of hand sanitizer, lip balm, eye wash, fingernail clippers, hand warmers and a mini flat flashlight. You may already know of our NRP. e(e�1t4 H�W� i) � 02�3>������n{d���^$Un#�c�ӃY"W���H�%�a�Z�����d – Papa S. I didn’t expect the rationalization that you mentioned for having tough trash bags, but I do agree that having lots of extra heavy duty trash bags is a good idea. #56 Should be Spackle Bucket(s) both the big and small ones…. h�b``�b``��������A����, �V20� The Security category. I have so many articles here on MSB about food storage… use the search box for more info. LifeStraw replied to my inquiry as did Scheyelles (sp?) Maybe a folder for your vehicle (getting home if you need it). Ken: Hauling water to your house following SHTF? There are a number of models that Ruger makes for the 10/22. I happen to have a SOLO stove, purchased years ago…, A knife, any knife, is a obvious survival & preparedness asset. by Ken Jorgustin | Feb 28, 2020 | 48 comments. Surely hope all is well with you. As you and I probably visit many of Preparedness and Survivalist sites. Here’s one: A catch all line item for that which you feel important for your own personal and home security. I am glad that I got you thinking about it. Especially for those of you who live where tornadoes might form. It’s really not that difficult to figure out. Attach a utility trailer for hauling stuff. As you can see, I’ve split food into 3 groups (there are actually more, but this sets the notion of diversifying. Also setting up a tent in your house could save you or your family. Dark, and clear plastic sheeting. My dad got a fire going and warmed up the house. It was an encouraging point about how to get started. Cleaning Products/Trash Disposal Bleach is essential for disinfecting surfaces. Why? They can be used for toilets, hauling water (need more than 1 bucket), A great standby preparedness item is a portable cook stove. These make great reservoirs for a survival kit. Our food pantry and a faraday cage are all due to this site. Fishing gear will help you advantage that, should you need to. Y’all forgot the basics like dehydrated water, freeze dried ice cubes, powdered bourbon , and elderberry oil. Are you still at the same homestead or did ya move to the new one? Hard copy books for your survival & preparedness reference. … Having a stockpile of emergency supplies … I also have other ropes (thicker, heavier) for their own uses. How is your DH? Some are insulated for colder months. I am assuming that most of us here have a solid three month short term pantry and that most folks stock oatmeal, beans, rice and wheat for longer term food preps. Nighttime Security Night Vision Devices | A Force Multiplier, Fish. Pasta, rice, beans. If the filter media is completely dry, there shouldn’t be an issue (in my view). Just get more. I think that was my first awareness of prepping. Seriously, he is a very good guy as are all here. What list doesn’t include duct tape?! Cuts down on awkward questions about “How come my dog was in the dumpster?” JK LOL. A so called Survival Knife might be a tad bigger…. So while some may consider a large home generator “survival gear”, we put added that … Thanks from all the new folks just starting. Thanks for the heads-up Bill, it’s now corrected. Yas shelter, water, food, generator, fuel are of the upmost importance. Have to keep restocking. I print the ones I need and keep them in a 3 ring binder along with my atlas and road maps in a travel bag. And a great security alarm. Lots of potential uses. They’re great for protein. Time flies. A nice prep. My bad, inventory does no good if you can’t find it, some how, that notebook has disappeared. Important! You really should have heavy gauge quality extension cords for your generator. who responded that their filter would work fine. Beyond just my normal run-rate. Something that you could pack with you. So nice to see ya over here. There are several popular weather alert radios. It’s safer, and more efficient that way. I like flashlights (a little too much). Batteries – What good is having a flashlight if you don’t have the batteries required to power it? These stoves are very efficient and quick for boiling water, heating foods. Thinsulate Gloves | How It Works & What You Need. Also some DVD’s of Jericho, The Walking Dead, and The Last Ship. 12. You never know if and when you might need to use it. – Papa S. On the heavy duty garbage bags remember trash compactor bags, very tough though smaller. The owner is still liable for damages, If* you can collect. Got a wood stove for heating? Also others such as feminine hygiene products, diapers for infants, etc. He is in your neck of the woods. The owner wouldn’t argue about the dog in court, but would have attempted to do something covertly, so I didn’t want to deal with him. Keep a roll of this stuff around! Yard Cart, Wagon, Wheelbarrows, For Preparedness. There are lots of cool ways to … Fire Extinguisher Matches in a waterproof container Feminine supplies and personal hygiene items Mess kits, paper cups, plates and plastic utensils, paper towels Paper and pencil Books, games, puzzles or … Have more than one way to make a fire. Or, you just want a portable heater that’s considered safe for indoor use (always use a carbon monoxide detector). The helpful employee who loaded my car decided I needed a way to protect my car from the loose potting soil and keep the soil from being lost, so he placed each bag in a giant contractor bag. The Chief is now a semi-retired part-timer, still a friend and a prepper as well. Any aspect of making a fire. Keep a variety. I was pretty much prepared, but recently went to the store and bought a bunch of extra M & M’s. I ALWAYS keep a few backpacks in the truck. Other general categories might include Shelter, Clothing, Food, Water, Tools, Sanitation, Security, Transportation, etc…. I like (this one on amzn) as a “survival blanket” for a backpack kit. Allow me to explain. A few years ago, out local Co-op had a bunch of large bags of potting soil sitting outside where the birds had shredded the tops of the bags. Vegetarian or meatless, spicy or mild—just heat and eat for a filling dinner. Is 600 rolls really enough? Here is a list of survival gear items you need to survive the apocalypse. This is an awesome group of folks. I have a number of these because you can quickly grab-n-go if you wanted to. Transportation without fuel. But make sure you have toothpaste, toilet paper, feminine supplies, diapers, laundry detergent and … Chocolate is right. A Savage 24-C and an Aquila 60 gr. Probably have seen his TP storage from the interstate. It’s always a good idea to keep hard copy maps on hand. Today I have a BBQ grill, a camping stove with extra propane and a volcano stove. Contact Us I will say FINALLY there is a list with TP as number one. For example, think of a general category such as ‘Kitchen’ and then list supplies and priorities in that category. I’m talking about any type of small portable “rocket stove” (a design characteristic) that accepts twigs and small wood for fuel. $2.00. Seeing is believing… There are all sorts of good reasons for having binoculars. Remember though – when you store fuel, do it safely. Also have a good supply … It’s always good to start with a general purpose first aid kit for home (like this highly popular one on amzn). I don’t like the standard blue cheap tarps. And the fuel is free. Powdered Milk – Included in FEMA’s Food & Water storage plan, powdered milk is recommended to store 16 lbs. They are adding now. Maps were mentioned, Printed maps are very important; those electronic devices are handy but not a replacement for a printed one. Consider the needs of all family members and add supplies to your kit: Medical supplies (hearing aids with extra batteries, glasses, contact lenses, syringes, etc) Baby supplies (bottles, formula, baby food, … The reason for this is that they take … One worry I have is that the garbage pickup will be interrupted when workers get sick or refuse to come into work because of the virus. Canned meats: Let’s face it… if the electricity is out, so is the freezer. Ken: You’re right that a dog is mans best friend,but a cat will never tell the cops where you hide the weed. Perhaps down to approximately half strength after ~ 1 year. Fire Extinguishers | 3 or More Locations Around The House. But maps are another. Paracord – What it’s Used For – How Much Do You Need? Actually this is a very good starting out list, Ken. Store supplies to treat minor injuries … Kinda like shutting off a faucet. This list will also only cover gear that’s portable. Here’s more: Buddy Heater Run Time | 1 pound & 20 pound tanks. I asked for a deal on those bags and they sold me 8 bags for $2 each. Be sure to have quite a few portable lights … I recently contacted LifeStraw and asked them if their filters were usable, even if unused, if they have been in freezing temps. Same here. JK. Because that list would be quite long. 55-gallon drum and a Big Berkey (purchased from Jeff the water guy). Turning of the power at the breaker stops current from travailing back through the lines and hurting someone working on them. Products to … Ok, here you go…. Enough for good shelter. I highly recommend any of the Berkey models from the following USA distributor: A good water filter for on the go. – Ken, Emergency Survival Kit, 22 in 1 Professional Survival Gear Equipment Tools First Aid Supplies for SOS Emergency Tactical Hiking Hunting Disaster Camping Adventures 4.4 out of 5 stars 276 $34.99 $ 34 . Vitamins will also be in short supply. I like flashlights (a little too much). Duct tape can help you make small and temporary, if not aesthetically pleasing, repairs … I write about it in the following article: There are countless uses for cordage. Again, glad to see you posting here. I’m a “Jack of all trades” so to speak, and tools are so very important. Darkening windows at night (SHTF?). I’ve written a few posts on the subject. Just think on that for a few minutes. Here's a complete list of supplies to include in your emergency kit: Water (one gallon per person per day. Nothing better than a headlamp for this. Having treats on hand is important. It’s a brainstorm list that hopefully helps some people in the future who happen across this page. A fantastic prep and skill to have. Don’t forget a supply of batteries too. GREMLINS.!! This might be a combination of cases of drinking water bottles from the grocery store, water-safe containers / jugs (filled), and even larger storage such as a 55 gallon water drum. How to Build a Bug Out Bag. Maybe designate a few of them for the Faraday Cage…, Battery operated radio for getting information when the power is out. I recommend that you keep adequate supply at home, just in case of disruption. Similarly, a compact efficient sleeping bag. I had not considered trash compactor bags (because I don’t have one). Like TP, you can never have enough M & M’s. My mom made breakfast on the camping stove–pancakes, sausage and bacon and eggs. AA, AAA, for flashlights, radios. The Wife shouting from the bathroom shouting “honey, there is no TP in here” and you have no supply left….. They’re also a great tool for security. Hopefully he takes the red pill :-) Thanks! Stocking non-perishable food items will help you weather the storm, particularly if an epidemic or pandemic is raging around you. The beans & rice combo will be much more important for survival. How can a compentent elderly person get guns taken away from them by friends meaning wlll protect themselves? “Tools of the trade”, whatever that may be. Power up and charge batteries for your devices when the power goes out. It’s never too late to start. Build your own mini survival kit. I am on my city emergency response team, keep a bugout bag in truck 24/7 in freezing to sweltering temps is why I’m concerned with this. I have an article I wrote on that topic.. I rinsed those out and saved them. It’s not the Altoids themselves that are useful, but the tins. I go through more than the average person. Good Lord! It’s a category of its own. Basic Disaster Supplies Kit. Our list of the top 101 Survival Gear Items our readers carry with them. I always keep a stack of new work gloves on standby. But I’m putting it out there on the list because of its importance regarding SHTF Security. Most people have a week or less at home. They are useful for lining next to anything for extra water storage. Your furnace stops working. h�bbd```b``z"7��J �U ̞ "�Z@$�60[D���~`� ,���,� )��`s���7���H�iL�`��$#�di��K�"`����mе'A"@��D�g`:� � �Um endstream endobj startxref 0 %%EOF 106 0 obj <>stream This list solidify’s I am doing it correctly. Natural disasters—such as a flood, hurricane, or blizzard—can come with little warning. A long term survival … I have a “Buddy Heater” (brand) which is a popular indoor portable heater. You cannot go wrong with a Ruger 10/22 (.22 caliber) rifle. I bought a lot, just found them, now I can send my Daughter, more protection. You might be able to eat the … They may be used as shelters, distribution stations for supplies, or as official channels for important information. These things are great. Mans best friend. It’s not much but it does make me feel better that they have something there just in case. It’s hard to imagine life without TP — so store as much as you can ;). Fantastic article Ken, and very timely as I’ve just had a good friend that wasn’t of a preparedness mindset, start to ask questions. Survival kits are a major component of a preppers preparedness strategy. Consider this your hurricane food list… Therefore lanterns, flashlights, and other portable lights will diminish quickly in the shops. They can also be fun listening on the HAM bands. Since they’re crucial for us on a regular basis to be prepared for the next natural disaster or emergency, we want the best survival kits for the situation we’re in so we can take care of the emergency … . Got enough fuel? Family with kids had 20 lb bags. Think ‘categories’ and then narrow it down within each category. This list will help you survive any survival scenario! I touched upon it in the following article: Okay, this is a luxury item. Lastly, a great place to put the neighbors cat after you find it in your garden. I think it was back in 1989 that they had a hard freeze. Big list of Survival Gear & Emergency Supplies. Dogs killing rabbits or chickens end up in some part of gardening projects. A half dozen or so of these inexpensive devices would be a good thing to have on hand. There are seemingly infinite varieties of backpacks. This could be anything associated with topics and skills of your choosing. I’m not joking. There’s something about the unique ambience too. A nice prep to have on hand. Plus, the cat will keep the mice and rats out of your weed too. Another blogger did this also to most of the manufacturing companies this same question they either didn’t reply to the email or talked around the issue. Others for summer. Use regular bleach for disinfecting surfaces and also purifying water for safe drinking. Topographical maps. Having a bread machine on hand would give you the ability to make fresh bread everyday. Making wise decisions about your emergency supplies means investing in long-lasting supplies that are convenient, affordable, and easy-to-use. Flashlights. It makes sense. Also, wear a knitted hat as you lose heat thru your the top of your head. Canned chili. Though obviously an issue during long term power outage. (Generator?). I keep a decent supply of AA (and AAA) rechargeable batteries. (I wrote this on my opinion for best rechargeable batteries). I have all but 2 of the items with the trash bags replacing the plastic sheeting. ), and so many other practical utility uses around the garden or wherever and whatever. My understanding is that “if” the filter media itself is wet or damp (having been used and prior to complete dry-out), then freezing temperatures will likely crack the filter media. A portable generator. During hurricanes cell services are often down but you can still text people… Read more ». GPS is one thing. If You Could Only Have One Survival Knife, Which One? Clergylady, Compact, full size, there are advantages for each. I’ve always liked the ‘ Sawyer Mini ‘ water filter. Hahaha! What a tool. Problem is, they don’t stay in the pantry very long! %PDF-1.6 %���� You could also cook food in it.