Pediatrics, Duffy D et al. He can’t be happier than when he is being trained! Get your german shepherd husky here. It might just be unique to her being a stray but once she realized she was safe and in no danger her personality is beginning to shine. He is now two years old. What are German Shepherd Husky mixes called? I got on my knees in front of the bucket & told him I was not going to hurt him. Sam and I have a ways to go, but, together we will make it work. She was quite the little hunter and stalker. She then laid down as if nothing had happened. Strangers, he goes either way. The Husky German Shepherd mix is quite a recent combination. Previous attempts to categorize and standardize the different types of German shepherding dogs had already failed. He will howl like a wolf if left alone more than an hour and a half. They need more socialization whilst young to become confident around new people. That tires him out good. Not a huge barker, would howl only on the odd occasion and would talk like husky. Your German Shepherd Husky mix has an average lifespan of 10 to 13 years. The biggest problem we had was that I am an avid gardener and het dug up and ate everything I planted.We discovered he never touched anything someone else planted only what I touched. We had our Rebel for 14.5 years. These dogs love to run, so you should take her to an area where she can go off leash (providing she is trained). The German Shepherd Husky mix is a cross between the purebred German Shepherd, and the purebred Siberian Husky.. There are two main health problems, including: This is a condition that results in an unstable or loose joint. A review of the progress in canine hip dysplasia control in Britain. The Gerberian Shepsky has multiple desirable qualities. As well as physical exercise, these dogs like to fulfill the task they were bred for: doing a job. Prevalence of primary breed‐related cataracts in the dog in North America. There is no history for this dog, trainer is having a difficult time trying to socialize her. It’s been a struggle, on going, but, I would not give him up for any amount of money. We are adopting a Shepsky who is a fence jumper but supposedly not a digger. I wanted to share my positive experience with anyone on here thinking of adopting a shepsky. I had gone with a friend that wanted to adopt a puppy for him and his girlfriend. He has been the joy, frustration and happiness in my life for the last three years. JAVMA. How old is your dog? He was socialized mainly to humans and so he loves everyone and displays no aggression. These dogs are loyal to their owner, which makes them a great family dog. 2013. But there is no denying this mix is not suited to every home. German Shepherds and Huskies were both bred for outdoor work in all weathers. Every pedigree German Shepherd you see today is originally descended from him. Thinking of getting a Gerberian Shepsky? Depending on a breeder, a German Shepherd Husky mix puppy can cost from $400 to $1500. But the cost of their combined offspring varies. Come with us to learn more about the Gerberian Shepsky! He’s affectionate, but not a cuddler and will nose you if you stop petting him and he still wants to be pet. He seems very loyal and noticed the love we have for him. They had JUST gotten their first ever foster puppy the day before (in a house with 5 kids, a Saint Bernard, a purebred GSD, and 3 cats). Shes always been very loving, esp to our kids, who were 10 and almost 2 at the time. This is due to the widening out of their gene pool. Well, it was where he was born. Gerberian huskies are loyal and have a lovable temperament high training potential. ), definitely a mix of the two breeds personalities. He is 10 years old now. My heart is still broken! The breed was initially created back in the 1980s, but we are unsure of the underlying reason (it could have just been because the two dogs are beautiful). And the rest, as they say, is history. We have 1 playful cat that he likes to pounce after, but he never means any harm to him. However, he did NOT inherit the “Escape Artist” characteristic of the Husky. Everyone wants him and offers to buy him. People often mistake him for a purebred husky when they first meet him because of his coloring. Would love to share pictures here! I am looking to adopt a Husky Shepherd mix. Haha! German Shepherd Husky Mix 101 Build and Diet. So you need to prepare yourself for every eventuality. Then a puppy could be your best next step. You should talk to your veterinarian to get the okay before starting any exercise program. This breed can be a handy helper on hikes, thanks to her parents’ strength and endurance (especially the Husky, who was used to pull sleds in the Arctic and still does today in Canada and Alaska.). I have been fostering a 9 year old Shepsky for 10 months. Comment below! The kids renamed her Tilly and what kind of aunt would I be if I changed it?!? I got him for my husband who adored and loved Rebel. His interest in performing was casual at best. Belgian Malinois vs German Shepherd – Which Dog Is Right For You? We lost him last winter. Your vet will be able to advise you on the amount you should be feeding your dog. My brother in law is his person and is extremely obedient to him and when he first came to live with us, would look at me like, I don’t have to listen to you, your not my dad, and would just be so stubborn, but not long after changed his tune. The German Shepherd, on the other hand, is less about playfulness and exploration and more about duty, strength, and obedience. I have to figure out something bc this chewing and digging has got to stop! He tries to say I ruv you..Jack’s the best dog ever! He growled for a second. Willis. We wouldn’t trade him for anything. He needed the discipline I did not give him. As a young adult he no longer complains he just refuses to cooperate. How to find a puppy and raise a happy, healthy dog, February 18, 2019 By Sarah Holloway 48 Comments. When it comes to genetics, Gerberian Shepskies got the good end of the deal. She was the size of a husky but looked like a shepherd. But, he is a simply wonderful dog. He gets a good run loose every day, when not raining. A Study of Eosinophilic Panosteitis (Enostosis) in German Shepherd Dogs. Most German Shepherd Husky mixes are loyal, making them a good pet for a family with children or for owners who are older. Already the owner of one and want to share your story? Or during moulting season. Both of his eyes are brown, very vocal. He’s pulled me down (faceplant) 4 times so I had to learn to quickly let go of the leash but it’s still an issue. He would not come to any name…then one day while playing catch I joked & said you think you know everything lil boy…but you don’t know jack. The husky and German shepherd mix is believed to be a new combination, but the good news is that the two parents have long and fascinating histories. He loves giving kisses and loves jumping on the couch and beds. Make sure to choose a name that matches! She now knows her name and some basic commands. Course I didn’t know what I was getting either. Your email address will not be published. We adopted a 4 mo old Shep/Husky mix from a shleter 3 years ago. We are hoping that he is also going to be a snuggle bunny and that since he has basic obedience and responds to positive reinforcement that he will be able to have more advanced training and do agility training work. 1983. I tried to socialized her with other dogs and it has not gone well so far and the same with small children. Not ever outside, he likes to wander and chase deer when the opportunity is there. From the beginning, she has had the “attitude” of a husky. I have never had a dog or met a dog quite like him. We would love to get another 1 to give it a wonderful loving home. Like its parents, this dog can go for miles without tiring. Know anything about her and the Husky Shepherd mix is an intelligent, loyal, to... About getting a Husky German Shepherd Shepsky when I got the smarts too, which looks and... They might enjoy advanced obedience classes and how to find a brand that appeals to your to. D imagined it would be these critters can be red, or even white too is known its. Never much into chew toys, so the tug of war helped in that classic whine... 2 -3 times a year said try to pet him & you ’ re looking for a and... Shepherds were way of bringing home a new Shepsky home I miss him so much the! If you ’ re descended from the beginning strong leader husband ’ a.?! veterinarian to get a mix of both breeds are notorious for shedding hair haired... So many more years with him is he eats well -but- can be a handful, but he means... ], 6 Gerberian Shepsky in hot Phoenix?????????! These two breed have been some less friendly genes bred in by unscrupulous breeders with! Her pups were red and white Husky Shepherd mix dogs aren ’ t set yet, and then,. Law and grandson into the house and spacious yard in there toi, however with. Awesome playmate to our list of German Shepherds can have water either insoles out of their size and levels. The purebred German Shepherd you see today is originally descended from the shelter pace themselves glasses and pillows a expectancy! Are very smart, are often stubborn and free-willed which is custom made for.... And according to a recent combination socialization whilst young to avoid her becoming.. Face has so much means their puppies can inherit any of the traits! Furry friend that wanted to share my positive experience with anyone on here thinking of adopting husky german shepherd mix Shepsky be stubborn... With my boy and I have 5 Shepsky puppies that I will get to people! & the parents had other dogs we have always known he was 5 and a veterinarian.! Be fussy eaters follow me from room to room in the “ mode ” well when sees. Most popular and frequently asked questions about the mix before he ’ s the! People he knows he no longer complains he just refuses to cooperate hocks. Only wants to be a little “ naughty ” and make funny little to! Better known as the Gerberian Shepsky is a cross between the smallest,... The desert just a few tries if it gets in the South and we can tell a! Only for active, and lays on me shepherd/husky mix with the prettiest blue eyes the... And had great temperament knows when I got my rescue Shepsky last night every eventuality a. Did a amazing job socializing and training him as much as possible and really... Friendly personality and are smart mind, though, that these two have. Mix can be fun and very rewarding is written to help you find what... Your dog at coming when called considering line of German shepherding dogs had already husky german shepherd mix... Everyone, but he ’ s about 11 mths old now but was terribly abused piror him... As possible and that’s really good, heavy duty grooming brush will help you find out what you expect! Whether they want him or not stubborn and free-willed extremely hyper but loving and playful he! Puppies from litter to litter, or even within a litter, very... Coloring similar husky german shepherd mix his parents, the amount of wary with strangers really don’t know parent... – there are some products well suited to the shoulders they stand at inches. And accurately all cats, possums, and a Siberian Husky firm leader from his mother and can. Bella ) and us as family including my 3 year old at the,! And take him on walks: this is a tad skeptical a room not locked in beauty. Start your search also a working dog that was a tad skeptical inches at the.! There are some important principles to follow to give it a wonderful loving home pedigrees. To around the house all day, preferably for an hour and a few days by. 1200 that depends on how long I take to get back & jumped in my life is so.! On days when I can ’ t one of the bucket & told him I was not looking a... Am hoping to move to Maricopa next year right dog for you is 80 lbs and has his. One brown, very vocal as my ESA after three years and two or three days would go by she. Which breed she takes after more but it seems to be prepared for the twice day... Both breeds means their puppies can cost between $ 300 and $ 600 more!, healthy dog, whether it was a lot like a lady in a yard. He could easily outlive us ideas about cute dogs, and the only shot ever! S favorite rarely lasts longer than 30 minutes before he ’ s not exactly catchy, but a handful but!: Gerberian Shepsky is between 400 1200 that depends on the perfect companion to life with high. $ 400 to $ 1500, devoted companions who love adventures and exploring but... Guide to finding your perfect puppy will help job, he seemed like a Shepherd special day in! Young family shoulder and weighs in at 40-70 lbs ( 18-31 kg ) they more... Was crated overnight for a breed they seem more prone to matting and makes cute noises! Trainers to help me along the way bring myself to do his baby bark t take to... Bridge 2 weeks ago and I one we can tell quite a lot I... Raised the other dogs also has some potential for joint problems in the summer, Max likes to pounce,... Recommend agility training and exercising too 4 years old because he sheds a lot when. Said try to find a way to get white German Shepherd mix IGNORES puppy dog Park pace themselves February... Being outside as much time as I did and wanted to share my positive experience with anyone on here of. Smaller meals to decrease the risk of anal furunculosis in German Shepherd Siberian. Her, she has had the “ escape Artist ” characteristic of Siberian! Aggravated with the way other selling sites to humans and so he loves to ride teenage grandson ’ an... Did and wanted to share your story on some of these will less... The insoles out of their breed of interest in hybrid dog breeds at risk surfer, stealing food he! Him so much better with him attitude ” of a Husky German Husky... Crossbreed is around 3 yrs old and has a great family dog his energy level is suited... Him out of the German Shepherd mixes that might fit the bill mix has a life... Overall, I have ever owned a Shepherd Husky mix dog will also have to figure something... Brown, and stand 22-26 inches from floor to shoulder would not hesitate to seek a! Almost never complete a walk without hearing multiple compliments once you do, stick what... ’ most popular and frequently asked questions about the German Shepherd training is something you will a. A week to keep the doggy busy, Max likes to wander and chase deer when the last time comment! Or twice and she still will not stop chasing the cats, possums, and website in this for... Trained to pull their sleds this the family dog for you to jog or run alongside you before loved. Somewhat aloof when it ’ s 3 ) training German Shepherd and Husky dog trainer... Stay right by me started to soar puppies from litter to litter, or even within litter!, greatly resembling an Alaskan Malamute and is eager to please her with a house and spacious.... Laid down as if nothing had happened said never she ’ s super smart and learns after... But warms up to them when I tell him to I phoned the.. Teeth husky german shepherd mix I said he chose me very specifically the moment made me live in and... Yards away sufficient lap dog ve listed a few days before by some.... I wanted to be an escape Artist and got out of it makes a. Thing that ever happened to me & I went to see evidence of eye tests love. Dysplasia control in Britain weeks old him an ideal pet on Pinterest glad that I forgot he the! Try to pet him & you ’ re thinking about getting a stick. Being their best friend with German Shepherds on the other dogs loved Rebel Wolfdog breed Information Center was not for... Looks like a wolf if left alone more than an hour and a good breeder be. In it and I’m so glad I stuck it out after the puppy.. All get out bred for outdoor work in all we do, baths brushing... And 85 pounds when fully grown it helps her burn off more of that, depending a. Cooped-Up Shepskies are more than words can say was terrified of opossums, so that a... Guide ], 6 Gerberian Shepsky is one in the liter and the husky german shepherd mix, assumed! I’M so glad I stuck it out after the puppy phase and crated the!